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"Vial, repugnant, and VERY problematic" -- The Washington Post

"An utterly deplorable game." -- Hillary Clinton

"You will need a safe spae after playing this highly offensive cacophony of reprehensible dribble." -- The Young Turk

"Literally, so offended right now." -- Corey Booker

$25 USD

What is Victimology?

Victimology is the adult party game that pokes fun at the absurd and hypocritical rules of the Far Left’s ‘Social Justice Warrior’ movement. Tap into your inner Snowflake, start your virtue signaling and above all else, be offended! – Because he, she, or ‘ze’ with the most Victims Points at the end, wins!

How it works?

Determine your gender and ethnicity

Collect/Deduct victim points

Penalize Your Opponents

What you’ll get?

Each Victimology box comes with:

224 Cards

3 Dice

Instruction Set

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$25 USD